16 February 2009

Renovate or qualify? Does Queiroz have to call back experienced players or keep renovating? Video Manuel Jose says qualify first

Queiroz is beginning his "renovation" of the Portugal tream. Is it working? Is it giving Portugal victories and goals? No. Does he need to start humbly calling back experienced players now and postpone the renovation until AFTER the Portugal team qualifies for the 2010 world cup. Sure.

Some experienced players available for a re-call: Strikers Nuno Gomes, Helder Postiga. Goalkeeper Ricardo.

Feb 16, 2009- Portuguese coach, Manuel Jose, publicly criticized (in Portuguese on RTP news) Carlos Queiroz for worrying about 'renovation' and not 'qualification.'

English translation:
Manuel Jose:

"Carlos Queiroz talks about renovation. Honestly, I don't agree with him. I think that in this moment Portugal needs to qualify for the 2010 world cup.

By going ahead with the renovation, Portugal will not qualify for the world cup. Absolutely not. Ok. So, I think that he's on the wrong path. See how he's having difficulties in this qualification stage.

He has to start by calling up experienced players, those with a lot of experience. Queiroz needs to give them the responsibility of leaving a good image, of getting the Portugal team to constantly be in the final phases of the competitions, and to make Portugal one of the best teams in the world. Those players then will make the strong base of the team."

I thought he was pretty harsh but that's needed in this moment.

Your thoughts?

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