15 February 2009

Portugal goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes- will he play in Sweden v. Portugal?


Will Portugal goalkeeper Daniel Fernandes play in the next game Sweden v. Portugal, March 28, 2009?

In the last friendly Portugal 1-0 Finland, he was a substitute and replaced Eduardo in the 61st minute. It was the 2nd time he played for the Portugal team. The first time was back in June 5, 2007 in Al-Salmiyaah 1-1 Portugal.

Queiroz is still experimenting with the Portugal goalkeeper position. If Ricardo and Quim stay out of the next call-up list, it's likely that Fernandes will play. Unlike the last game, Queiroz doesn't have the luxury of substituting/ testing a goalkeeper. Ibrahimovic will sure be in the Sweden team so will Daniel Fernandes make important saves against the star of Inter FC?

He wears the #1 jersey in the Bundesliga team, Vfl Bochum. He's one of the 4 goalkeepers and plays in the starting lineup. The team is in 15th place with 17 points. Nice burgundy color jersey right?

The next game is in 5 days, February 21, 2009 against Arminia Bielefeld.

Daniel Fernandes in action. Photo: vfl-bochum.de

I wish he played in the Serie A or the Portuguese league so I could follow him more closely. He's pretty new to the national team with only 2 caps but it looks unlikely that he'll return in the next 3 games. The pressure is on for Carlos Queiroz. Criticisms center on the lack of experienced players. That includes experienced goalkeepers so Fernandes might have to give up his place for now.

What do you think of this 'warrior-style' photo of him?


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