06 November 2008

Video Nuno Gomes interview after home defeat Benfica 0-2 Galatasaray UEFA CUP matchday 2 Nov. 6 2008 in Portuguese with English translation

Who would have predicted this defeat?
Interview in Portuguese with English translation:

00:00 Reporter:

Good evening, I'm here in the mixed zone area, with captain Nuno Gomes. Good evening Nuno. A game where nothing went right for Benfica. Do you think that luck it would have been another result?

00:14 Nuno Gomes

"Yes. Without a doubt. We didn't expect this result. We were confident we would get the three points. I think there were moments in the first half where we played good fotoball. We also created opportunities that we could have converted. We didn't score a goal in the first half and that is football. In the second half we couldn't keep the rhythm from the first half. They scored in a set piece. They had good players. They were able to keep control of the game."

00:50 Reporter: Benfica at his moment has 1 point, but nothing is lost yet?

01:00 Nuno Gomes:

"No, nothing is lost. Obviously, we didn't expect to stumble at home. We have to get the points in Greece. Nothing is lost yet because there are still 2 more games to play and 6 points to get. We need stay hopeful that we will pass this group stage. I want to thank the public support, they're always fantastic."

01:24 Reporter: Thank you very much Nuno Gomes. These were the words of Nuno Gomes.

Today- it really was a missed opportunity for Benfica. Like he said, there are still two more games to be played. All the main forwards played today and neither could score, Gomes, Suazo and Cardozo in the second half. The dry spell for these strikers needs to disappear before the next UEFA cup game.

Your thoughts?

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