30 October 2008

Ricardo Quaresma lost starting lineup position at Inter- Last 3 games a substitute- Photos of Quaresma in Inter. Why is Inter losing momentum?

I'm still waiting for Ricardo Quaresma to score another goal for Inter. He has been in Inter's starting lineup for the first 4 games. In the last 3 games, 2 in the Serie A and one in the Champions League, he was a substitute in the second half.

Last Serie A game-
Fiorentina 0-0 Inter ,

Oct. 29, 2008, "Artemio Franchi" di Firenze

In second half, 36' Stankovic out, Ricardo Quaresma in

Quaresma not in the starting lineup.

This draw hurt Inter's chances of being the sole leader in the table. Who would have thought Udinese would be in the top 3 this early in the season?

The last time Quaresma was in Inter's starting lineup:

Inter 0-0 Genoa, Oct. 26, 2008, "G.Meazza" Milano

45' Obinna in, Ricardo Quaresma out

Quaresma in Inter 0-0 Genoa.

Inter is loosing it momentum. With two consecutive draws at home, and not scoring a single goal, is Inter in a crisis?

Quaresma not in Inter's starting lineup in Inter 0-0 Genoa.

Champions League
Inter 1-0 Anorthosis, Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2008, "G.Meazza" Milano

Quaresma not in Inter's starting lineup.
Second half, 17' 33 Mancini out, 77 Quaresma in

Obviously, Jose Mourinho thinks Quaresma might need more time to earn a starting eleven position.

Is Inter in a crisis because it only scored 1 goal in the last 3 games?

Your thoughts on Ricardo Quaresma's performance in the last 3 games?

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