12 October 2008

Played last 26 minutes without a striker, the weakness of Portugal national team, cover of Record Oct. 12, 2008- Day after Sweden 0-0 Porutgal

The Portuguese paper Record raises a good point.

Why did Queiroz not use one striker in the last 26 minutes? He replaced striker Hugo Almeida with Quaresma, a attacking midfielder. Nani was then replaced with another attacking midfielder, Danny.

Who can Danny, Quaresma and CR set up goals for if there was not striker from the 64th minute?

Nuno Gomes was on the bench. A wiser choice might have been keeping the two attacking midfielders Quaresma, CR and put Nuno Gomes as a forward. Either Quaresma or Danny but not both at the same time.

Cover Record, Oct 12. 2008 English translation:

WEAKNESS: The national team was satisfied with the draw and 26 minutes without a striker. Sweden 0-0 Portugal

Ronaldo: "We could have won, and we could have lost."

You thoughts on the lack of striker being the weakness of the Portugal natioanl team.?

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