15 October 2008

Portugal 0-0 Albania, Oct. 15, 2008- Photos- Danny, Miguel and Manuel Fernandes- Queiroz made 3 Changes in the Portugal starting lineup

Portugal 0-0 Albania
Oct. 15, 2008, 2010 WC qualifier Group 1
Estádio AXA, Braga, Portugal
12:45pm USA Pacific time

---------Substitutions: 53' Joao Moutinho out, Ricardo Quaresma in ----------24' TELI in, Beqiri out.
----------------------------53' Danny out, Nani in------------------------------------46' Bogdani out, Vrapi in
----------------------------74' Miguel out, Nuno Gomes in-------------------------76' Duro out, Berisha in

42nd minute- Albania player Teli Sent off. Albania playing with 10 men. If Portugal can't beat Albania having the extra man advantage. Serious trouble. Portugal gained 2 points in the last 3 games, 1 defeat (Portugal 2-3 Denmark), 2 GOALLESS draws (Sweden 0-0 Portugal), (Portugal 0-0 Albania)

Ricardo Quaresma and Nuno Gomes on the bench. Paolo Ferreira in the starting lineup playing as a left-back. Zenith's Danny for the first time in the Portugal starting lineup in an official game.

Carlos Queiroz made 3 changes from the last game, Sweden 0-0 Portugal

This is exciting because there will be a new Portugal starting lineup. I was championing for Danny and Ricardo Quaresma to be in the starting lineup.

-- Defense- right back- Chelsea defender, Jose Bosingwa is injured. His right-back position in the starting 11 goes to Miguel. Paolo Ferreira will play as a left-back again.

-- Midfield- Manuel Fernandes and Danny are the other 2 surprises in the starting 11.

Who paid the price in the starting 11 from Sweden 0-0 Portugal?

Fernando Meira- replaced by Manuel Fernandes, more attacking midfielder

Raul Meireles- replaced by Danny. First time he'll be in the Portugal starting lineup in an official game.

Official starting lineups:

Portugal -- 1 Quim, 2 Bruno Alves, 3 Paulo Ferreira, 4 Miguel, 5 Pepe, 6 Raul Meireles, 7 Cristiano Ronaldo, 8 Manuel Fernandes, 9 Hugo Almeida, 10 João Moutinho, 11 Danny

Substitutes: 12 Eduardo, 13 Antunes, 14 Fernando Meira, 15 Carlos Martins, 16 Nani, 17 Nuno Gomes, 18 Quaresma

ALBÂNIA -- Arjan Beqaj; Elvin Beqiri, Debatik Curri, Kristi Vangielli, Ervin Bulku, Altin Lala, Lorik Cana, Klodian Duro, Ansi Agolli, Ervin Skela, Erjon Bogdoni.

Substitutes: Isli Hidi, Admir Teli, Elis Bakaj, Edmond Kapllani, Andi Lila, Endri Vrapi, Besart Berisha.

Referee: Knut KIRCHER (GER)
Assistant Referee 1: SCHIFFNER Thorsten (GER)
Assistant Referee 2: Christoph BORNHORST (GER)
Fourth official: Thorsten KINHÖFER (GER)

Yellow cards: 35' Teli (Albania), 40' Lala (Albania) foul committed on Joao Moutinho,

Here's what Fernando Eurico, Manuel Chaves, Manuel Queiróz, Paulo Miguel Castro and Teófilo Fernando, on Antena 1 radio are saying:

Once again Portugal didn't start strong. 10 minutes already and not attacking. Portugal is not attacking and not involving the home public. If it continues like this the home fans will go to sleep. The public is starting to boo the team. Not much portugal so far in these 10 minutes. 24th minute- Cristiano Ronaldo falls down. Looked lie a penalty to me. They owe us 2 penalties in the last 5 days. In the end these things will matter.

It's over. Portugal with this unbelievable result. Fans booing the team. Players applauding the home fans. Albanian fans celebrating.

20th minute- Nuno Gomes and Ricardo Quaresma warming up. Carlos Queiroz doesn't seem to like what he's seeing.
34'- Free kick by Cristiano Ronaldo, not well taken.

35' Home fans in Braga are booing the Portugal team.

63- after a goal opportunity by Portugal, the home fans are cheering the team on.

65- fans yelling 'Portugal, Portugal'

76'- Albania goal opportunity- Albania player just entering Berisha, shot off-target over the bar. UNBELIEVABLE one man down and creating chances with less than 15 minutes to go.

Portugal starting lineup, after the 3 substitutions in 81st minute:

Two forwards Nuno Gomes, and Hugo Almeida!
Paolo Ferreira, Pepe, Bruno Alves
Raul Meireles, Manuel Fernandes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ricardo Quaresma, Nani,
Nuno Gomes, Hugo Almeida

Popular Portugal players

Ricardo Quaresma- This time entered earlier in the 52nd minute. He replaced midfielder Joao Moutinho.

Paolo Ferreira Played in the starting lineup as a left back. Had the job of making crosses into the area. In the second hald, created a goal opportunity for Portugal: 46th minute ran on the left-side, pass to the far post for Danny, Danny didn't reach it well and hit Albania defender Beqai.

Nuno Gomes On the bench like in Sweden 0-0 Portugal. Hugo Almeida took his place in the starting lineup.

Zenith's Danny He had the chance to prove himself but could not score or reach passes. Queiroz replaced him in the 53rd minute with Nani. Frist half, 36th minute (Portugal's first goal opportunity), he played as a forward too, free kick taken by Cristiano Ronaldo, Danny unable to score on the rebound.

Three Chelsea players out for injury so not in the call-up list: Deco, Ricardo Carvalho, Jose Bosingwa injured yesterday Oct. 14, 2008, on the knee.

Photos of the game Portugal 0- Albania Click Here

---- Your thoughts on the Portugal v. Albania game? Not being able to beat a 10-man team? Not scoring one goal in the last 2 games? Hugo Almeida as the forward instead of Nuno Gomes?

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