06 September 2008

Video Ricardo Carvalho in 'Os Incriveis' (English Translation) 21 minute Portuguese interview, May 29, 2008- with screenshots

Ricardo Carvalho's 21-minute "Os Incríveis, 29-05-2008. During the Euro 2008, SIC tv aired 'get to know the private life of Portugal players.'

English Translation of Ricardo Carvalho's "Os Incrívis"

00:41 Ricardo Carvalho with photos when Rodrigo (first child) was born.

Photo: Ricardo Carvalho in kid's room showing photo album of when his first child, Rodrigo, was born.

Close-up of the photo with Ricardo Carvalho at the hospital holding his newborn son, first child Rodrigo.

00:46 Carvalho: "This is when our first child was born, my son Rodrigo. I was there! First I went to see the nurse, then I went to see Carina." Rodrigo (son) in the bedroom wearing a FC Porto jersey with the Carvalho name in the back.

His wife Carina Carvalho next to him, holding their daughter:

01:10 Carvalho holding Rodrigo in the pool. Rodrigo playing with his dad, pushing him, his mouth. Carvalho: "I know that he has some gestures that are mine."

01:30 Carvalho and Rodrigo playing in the yard with a soccer ball.

Photo: Rodrigo is wearing the complete Portugal uniform! Jersey with #16, red socks with the green lining. So cute!
Carvalho: "Kick it hard, Rodrigo. (Chuta forte Rodrigo). Come on!"
(Rodrigo is so small that he falls about 5 times after kicking the ball that's bigger than him. Rodrigo then touches his knee).

01:50 Carvalho: "Who did it?" Rodrigo points to the ball. Carvalho: "Foul? Was it a foul? No?" They keep running. Carvalho plays defender and tells Rodrigo "Run faster"

02:17 Host Oliveira, "Your family is important for you?"

Carvalho: "Yes, Family is important for us. When I come back from the stadium or trips, he always wants to run and play with the ball. I am absent a lot so we try to compensate when we're with him."

02:30 Rodrigo trying to get the ball from Carvalho who's jogging. Carvalho: "When I'm here with him, I feel incredible."

Carina Carvalho: "When Ricardo gets back from work, Rodrigo is ready at the door, dressed in his soccer unform ready to play with him." Carvalho: "He has a lot of uniforms, including Chelsea's uniform, of course. He wears the uniforms that say 'R. Carvalho' since I'm also R for Ricardo, they could mean either his or mine."

03:48 Rodrigo and Ricardo Carvalho in the swimming pool.

Carvalho holding Rodrigo in the pool. Carvalho: "Who's better, Daddy or Rodrigo?" Rodrigo: "Um, Um, Rodrigo! No, Rodrigo's daddy."

Photo: Carina and Raquel walk in and surprise Rodrigo and R. Carvalho. Carvalho: "What are you guys doing here?"

03:58 Carvalho driving a dark blue BMW car.
Carvalho: "It's blue because I like that color. I don't use this car a lot. When I'm out with my wife, or to go to the beach."

05:35 Video when RCarvalho was in Jakarta, Indonesia.
Host Oliveira: "I had an invitation to go, as an athlete." Host Oliveira: "How is it? Carvalho "It's fantastic. They know where I worked, knew about the club I played for."

Ricardo Carvalho and Rodrigo(son) going in the swimming pool

06:34 Carvalho and Rodrigo about to go in the swimming pool. Rodrigo wearing a blue robe. Carvalho: "In the afternoons, I like to go the swimming pool."

07:20 Host: "Has Rodrigo learned to swim yet?"
Carvalho: Asking his son Rodrigo "Did he learn how to swim yet?" Carvalho's wife and daughter walk in. Carvalho: "What are you doing here?"

Photo: Back in the kid's room See Rodrigo with the FC Porto jersey and Ricardo Carvalho

07:47 Carvalho: About his daughter: "People say she looks like me. I don't see much resemblance." Host asks Carvalho's wife: "Who takes care of the kids at night?"

Photo: 08:00 Carvalho with green shirt, Host Daniel Oliveira in black, and wife Carina

Wife: "During the day I take care of them." Carvalho: "I have training in the day." Wife: "Many times they ask for their dad, where's dad? They're happy to go to the games and when their dad is home."

Carvalho: "I'm really happy when I'm home with my wife and kids. They're the most important thing for me."

Host to Carvalho's wife: "Is he romantic?" Carvalho interrupts: "I'm more romantic when I'm not in front of the cameras, just with my wife." Them laughing:

09:55 Carvalho with his daughter Raquel.

Carvalho to daughter: "Say hi, what are you looking at?" In the living room, she's sitting on the couch. Carvalho lifts her up so she faces the camera.

Carvalho: "It's the light, she's mesmerized by the camera lights."

10:30 Carvalho wife and 2 kids walking in London.

Host Daniel Oliveira: "Ricardo, so, it's the afternoon. Taking a walk with your family, an ideal afternoon!"
Carvalho, wearing a white-grey shirt,: "Without a doubt, I take advantage of my free time to be with my family, have fun, and enjoy what I have here in London."

Wife with stroller and child, the girl on a tricycle.
Carvalho: "I live for my family, not just for me."

Host Daniel Oliveira: "Are you as shy as you look?"
Carvalho: "No, just in the beginning. After a while, I'm more outgoing."

At home- Host Daniel Oliveira asking Carvalho's wife, carrying child in her arms, "Is he really like that at home, meaning shy, calm?"
"He is calm but he also has another side. When he's energetic, playing with friends. He also likes to joke around with people. He's nice with everyone."

12:33 Showing trophies he won as a player.

Host: "Let's start with the last one. I think it's the most representative one. Your colleagues and staff gave it to you."

12:39 Carvalho: "Yes, it went to a vote, and I won. This year it was my turn. "Best Chelsea player 2007-2008."
Host: "In a team with lots of stars, where there are many goalscorers, for a central defender it must feel special!"

Carvalho: "Yes. They recognize your work. I've been with Chelsea 4 years and I hadn't it won it. It's fantastic to receive it. To know that my teammates who work with me every day showed me this 'vote of confidence' yes it's nice."

13:21 Trophy "UEFA Football awards, Monaco 2004, Ricardo Carvalho, Best Defender."

Photo: See his 2 medals with the blue "Barclay's English Premier League" ribbon for 2004-2005, 2005-2006. Premier League player of the Month, March 2008.

Carvalho with son walking.

14:51 Host: "Do you know how Chelsea and Portugal fans in Portugal see Ricardo Carvalho?"
Carvalho: "Fortunately, Chelsea games are broadcast in Portugal. Lots of them follow Chelsea. My colleagues call me Riccy Carvalho. Some of them call me Ricardo."

Next to wife, Carvalho: "We've been in France, with Raquel I'm going through a new phase." Photos of Carvalho with wife and 2 kids.

16:38 Host: "Do you feel different here in England?" Carvalho: "No. I'm the same person."

Get the R. Carvalho #16 Portugal jersey 08/0916:48 Host: "What are your strengths as a central defender?"
Carvalho: "Don't know. Probably that I don't allow the opponents much space, and help the team."

17:34 Carvalho with Rodrigo in the yard

Carvalho asking son Rodrigo: "What teams do you like the most?" Rodrigo: "Hum, Chelsea, Portugal."

19:00 Rodrigo with mom Carina saying goodbye to the viewers.

-What did you find out about Ricardo Carvalho in this video?

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