18 August 2008

Goalkeeper Ricardo says no possibly transfer from Real Betis, August 6, 2008 press conference Real Betis

On August 6, 2008, golkeeper Ricardo was in the Real Betis press-conference at the Ciudad Deportiva after the training session.

About the start of the 2008-2009 La Liga season:

"This year, the first thing we need to do is to not suffer much. We have to be more calm and win more games to be safe in the table. We want regularity/ consistency and be as high as possible in the table and for that we need to work a lot and fight. We're getting into the rhythm of the trainings. It's very hot, it's normal but we're doing fine.

About goalkeeper Ricardo's competition with the other goalkeeper Casto:

"The changes in goal are things of the coach. He is the one that has to decide if Casto or I go in goal. I think we both are good goalkeepers and we can fight for the position."

About the new signings Mehmet Aurelio and Emana:

"If those who came are in Betis it's because they're good players. We are helping them in every way so they can adapt quickly. They are already showing things that are new to the team."

About his future outside the club:

"We haven't spoken about my situation only of what is convenient to the group in general. I haven't said or heard anyone around me say something about my possible transfer."

Monica 08's thoughts:
If he wants to keep his place in the starting lineup in the Portugal team, I say it is gone. With Scolari out of the way, all of public opinion is in favor of giving Benfica goalkeeper the place in the starting lineup. Even before the Euro 2008 when Ricardo was showing insecurity in the Portugal Euro 2008 qualifying games. New Portugal manager, Carlos Queiroz finally did what Portuguese fans wanted, well, most of them, Benfica goalkeeper Quim in goal. Queiroz was so drastic he did not even INCLUDE Ricardo in the call-up list for the next Portugal game (friendly) on August 20, 2008, Portugal - Faroe Islands.

Your thoughts? Are you fan of goalkeeper Ricardo?

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