13 June 2008

"The manager knows that he can count on me at any time and to play in any position" says Fernando Meira, defender-video press conference June 13th

Today, June 13, The press conference with 2 Portugal players. Today it was Fernando Meira and goalkeeper Ricardo.

I found videos of Portugal players in Euro 2008 press conferences on this site http://videos.sapo.pt/nmzz25uvuDmSwrHlNO4o. I've been wanting to embed the videos but couldn't find them on youtube. I love hearing them speak in Portuguese and how the reporters ask the questions, player reactions... Instead of reading "bits and pieces" on the news online.
Here's one of Fernando Meira in today's press conference!

He talks about the game in Switzerland
game Croatia-Germany

Of course one of the 1st questions were about the announcement of Scolari as new Chelsea manager-
"It won't affect the group. It will be another motivation for us who want to win the Euro 2008 and dedicate the title to Scolari.

It won't destabilize the group work. Whoever speculated about what happens inside the national team won't be able to interfere with the national team."

About the Switzerland-Portugal euro 2008 match on Sunday, June 15th:

"Portugal will always have difficulties whoever the opponent is. I don't think the game against Switzerland doesn't count. Every game is there to win it, independently of being qualified or not. We won't enter relaxed."

About him starting [he was a substitute in the last 2 Portugal euro 2008 games. In the last one against Turkey he had entered in injury time!]:
"The manager knows that he can count on me at any time and to play in any position."

source: www.record.pt/noticia.asp?id=791003&idCanal=1252

- What did you think of Meira's statements?

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