12 August 2009

Video Miguel Veloso- July 20, 2009- 'it's important how we end the season not how we start it'

Miguel Veloso hasn't made it to the Portugal call- up list. He has to come back simply because the Portugal team needs to keep testing midfielders and not depend solely on Simao and CR9. Deco and Simao were exceptional in today's friendly victory 0-3. If Tiago doesn't play regularly, or if Deco and Simao get injured, Miguel Veloso needs a chance to play too.

Here's Miguel Veloso at a Sporting press conference:

Miguel Veloso said in Portuguese: "We have objectives to achieve. It's important to keep improving. That's why we train everyday. It's true that we lost the first two games. It's not about how you begin but how you end. Last year we won in the pre-seaon but we couldn't get to the final. I never said that I wanted to leave. Only that it was a dream. I want to continue being here. Everytime we wanlk in the pitch we will do our best."

01:32 About Liedson being in the Portugal national team eventually: "Liedson is a great player. If Queiroz wants to, he can call him."

(O médio Miguel Veloso garantiu hoje que está de "alma e coração" no Sporting e desvalorizou os resultados menos conseguidos na pré-época pois considera que o importante "não é como se começa mas sim como se acaba". )

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