02 August 2009

Paulo Ferreira (Chelsea) "I want to forget last season because I am focusing on being fit for the start of this season" August 1, 2009

Caricature of Ferreira with the Chelsea jersey 2006

Paulo Ferreira made news today by telling The Mirror that Ancelotti has confidence in him.

Ferreira, 30, held showdown talks with Ancelotti, who told him he is still in Chelsea's plans. The full-back said: "I want to forget last season because I am focusing on being fit for the start of this season and I will be at my maximum level by September.

"It was important that the manager rated me and has confidence in me. I will be part of his plans and there are opportunities to get in the team. No-one can doubt my commitment, I will always give 100 per cent but if you're not 100 per cent then you can't help the team and that was my problem last season."

I'm inclined to agree with these comments on Vitalfootball Chelsea:
Paulo is the very definition of a fringe player. It goes to show how strong the overall squad is when you consider that fact. If we sell him, his contribution to our play won't at all be missed. Then again, it's not my money, so who am I to complain about keeping a good player around?
no one wants him or at least no one wants to pay anything for him so i guess we are stuck with him, i think he's happy to just collect his paycheck too
But at some point or other,we have to let him go.Why not now? we should really give Mancienne and Hutchinson the cover job.

Monica08: Bosingwa had a great game against AC milan this pre-season. I'm looking forward to seeing Belletti play. Mourinho, Scolari -- will Ancelotti follow the trend and keep Ferreira on the bench as the 3rd or 4th right-back choice? I hope not.

Ferreira says he's focusing in the coming season and wants to forget about last season. Ok, Ancelotti told him he has confidence in him. Part of his plans-- how big is his part? 2nd or 3rd choice? League games? League and Champions League games? A stay at Chelsea is so risky. The good news is that he predicts he'll be back by September. The 2 September qualifiers would be too soon. He's got to be called up for the 2 Portugal qualification matches in October 2009.

Next Portugal game is on August 12, 2009. One more month for Ferreira to be available for the call-up list. Who will Queiroz call for right-back and left back? Besides Bosingwa of course.

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