20 August 2009

Goalkeeper Ricardo "I want to stay" at Betis- After yesterday's rumors of signing with UD Palmas, he decided to stay and fight to be in #1 goalkeeper

Yesterday there was a rumor that goalkeeper Ricardo signed for UD Palmas for a year. Who would have thought that goalkeeper Ricardo would want to stay at Betis? Who? He does have 2 years left in his contract. But,

* Betis is relegated to the second division.
* Betis coach Tapia doesn't count goalkeeper Ricardo in his plans.
* Betis #1 goalkeeper is new signing Goitia
* Betis #2 goalkeeper is Casto

According to Marca on August 20 "Ricardo: "Me quedo en el Betis para devolverlo a Primera" (I'm staying at betis to get it back to the First division).
The Betis sporting director, Manuel Momparlet confirmed that Ricardo is staying.

Today [Thursday, August 20, 2009] there was a meeting between Momparlet, Ricardo and Manuel Ruiz de Lopera. Despite having 2 years left in the contract, it looks like he doesn't have many chances of being the #1 goalkeeper under new coach Antonio Tapia.

Ricardo emphasized that his intention is to get Betis back to the first division, where it deserves to be ("devolver al Betis a Primera, que es donde se merece estar"). Therefore, the possbility of Ricardo signing for UD Las Palmas is now gone.

When will Ricardo continue a positive streak in a club? When will he play in the Champions League game against the best clubs?

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