01 April 2009

Video Nuno Gomes behind the scenes filming Repsol commercial, March 31, 2009

Nuno Gomes filmed a commercial for "Repsol" for members of Benfica. I'm always in awe when I see him in casual clothes. He's wearing a purple Adidas shirt.

For the camera, he's at a gas station, putting gas in a car. Then, he's behind a counter, showing his Benfica card.

Here's how it works.
From April 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009, Benfica card-members get an instant discount of 6 cents per liter.

Also, for every 25 euros, they qualify to be in a draw where they can win various prizes like trips to accompany the Benfica team in the first UEFA game for next season, 10 euro gift cards for gas, Samsung TVs and LCDs, Benfica scarves, bonnets and t-shirts.

One needs to present the Benfica card to a participating Repsol gas station to get the discount.

Nuno Gomes used the petrol analogy to motivate Benfica card-members to use Repsol. He said: "The team will be filled up until the end of the championship to try to win the league."

WorldticketshopEnglish translation:
Nuno Gomes : "The squad of Benfica wnts to thank Repsol. I want to make an appeal to the Benfica members (socios) to join this campaign. I hope that the members join and get money. Why not, even help it pay the fees."

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