02 April 2009

Portugal Sub21, Toulon tournament, Group B, Chile, France, Qatar, 3 games June 4, 6, 8

Portugal Sub21 will play in the Toulon tournament in France, in Group B. It's from June 3 to 12, 2009. They come from winning the XIII Torneio International da Madeira in March 2009.

Group B:
Chile, Qatar, France,

Fixtures of Portugal Sub21 in the Toulon tournament:
June 4, 2009 against Chile
June 6, 2009 against France
June 8, 2009 agaisnt Qatar

WorldticketshopSemi-finals- June 10, 2009
Third place and FINAL- June 12, 2009

I wish Portugal could be in the Euro 2009 Sub21 instead. The France sub21 team looks like the strongest. I hope it's televised to see Manuel Da Costa and Joao Pereira.

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