04 April 2009

Goalkeeper Ricardo in Betis 3-3 Numancia, April 4, 2009 75th could not save a penalty by Aranda, yellow card 90th minute, sent off 90' +1, Video goals

Betis 3-3 Numancia, April 4, 2009 (3 penalties in this game and all converted!)
1-0 Sergio García (9') 1-1 Aranda (39')
1-2 Barkero pen. (75') 2-2 Capì (84')
3-2 Oliveira pen. (89') 3-3 Aranda pen.(95')

Goalkeeper Ricardo: - 75th could not save a penalty by Aranda (guessed wrong side)
- yellow card 90th minute for wasting time (Betis was winning 3-2)

- sent off 90' +1 (foul in the area by jumping too high with knees raised, touched the head of Numancia player). Photo: Juan Flores / MARCA
...... A day to forget for goalkeeper Ricardo.

When Ricardo was sent-off 90th minute, central defender Melli (#2) had to put on the pink jersey and defend the penalty! Coach Chaparro had already made the 3 substitutions! 1) Sergio Garcia out, Edu in- 2) Mark Gonzalez out, Ondonkor in 3) Emana out, Capi in

Poor Casto (back-up goalkeeper)-- must feel frustrating being on the bench but not being able to be put on because the 3 changes were already done.

Unfortunately in this game Ricardo gets more blame, unlike the others ones. Marca summarized it:
"In the last 15 minutes, 4 goals were scored. Barkero converted a penalty. Capi tied. Oliveira increased the lead with a non-existent penalty, and Aranda tied again converting a penalty, error committed by Ricardo. in the end, everything is still the same."

Alfinaldelapalmera was more direct: "3-3, it caught up but Ricardo gifted a draw to Numancia." (3-3 Remonto, pero Ricardo le regalo el empate a Numancia)
Midfielder Barkero who converted the penalty in the 90th minute, is interviewed on the UEFA website because he's going through a good phase this season. he has already scored 10 goals this season.


00:00 (Betis 1-0 Numancia) Betis goal by Sergio Garcia

00:40 (Betis 1-1 Numancia) Numancia's goal by Aranda-

On the right side, Aranda shoots to the bottom corner of the net. Ricardo guesses right but the shot is too strong.

01:17 (Betis 1-2 Numancia) 75th minute Penalty converted by Numancia's Barkero

Foul leading to penalty: Ricardo covers his right post, looks like no communication between defender Arzu and Ricardo. Arzu gets to the legs of the Numancia player in the area. The ball bounces off Ricardo. Penalty because of Nelson's foul, not Ricardo.

Ricardo guessed wrong. throws himself to his left but Barkero shot through the middle.

01:34 (Betis 2-2 Numancia) Betis goal by Capi

02:10 (Betis 3-2 Numancia) Penalty converted by Oliveira

02:27 (Betis 3-3 Numancia) goalkeeper Ricardo's foul that led to his second yellow card and penalty.
He leaves the net, jumps with his knees raised, kicks the Numancia player on the back while in the air.

Ricardo is no longer in goal for the penalty. Got booked for the second time so received the red card and was sent-off. Central defender Melli put on the pink goalkeeper jersey over his Betis #2 jersey for the penalty. He guessed right, threw himself to the left but the shot was too strong.

Video- highlights of Betis 3-3 Numancia, april 4, 2009, goals

02:50 Action leading to Penalty against Betis.

Defender Nelson sent-off for committing a foul against a Numancia player in the area. (Nelson was called up for the first time to the Portugal team in the last 2 games. Played in Portugal 2-0 South Africa)

03:00 Replay. Barkero on the right side making a cross to #3 player, defender Melli unable to stop it. Nelson tackles the player. Ricardo leaves the net and the ball bounces off his chest.

03:10 Penalty, goalkeeper Ricardo throws himself to his left, the shot was down the middle.

04:56 Penalty again. (3rd in the game. Numancia, Oliveira for Betis, and now this one.) Ricardo committed the foul by kicking the Numancia player Aranda on the back. Ricardo was sent off, central defender Melli had to go in goal to try to defend the penalty.

05:14 Ricardo taking off his pink jersey. Melli and Oliveira talking probably deciding what to do. Melli putting on the pink jersey, Ricardo telling him things.

Game stats:

Stats by MARCA. One of the first things Chaparro said in his post-game press conference was "We had 8 shots on target."

1) shots on target
2) corners
3) attacking plays
4) goalkeeper interventions
5) lost balls
6) balls recovered
7) fouls committed

Two Betis players sent-off. 1 Numancia player sent-off.
Betis 3-3 Numancia, Lineups: See Ricardo got booked twice, 90th, 90 +1


Betis: Ricardo; Nelson, Juanito, Melli, Monzón; Juanma, Arzu, Emaná (Capi, m.66), Mark González (Odonkor, m.84); Sergio García (Edu, m.14) y Oliveira.

CD Numancia: Juan Pablo; Juanra (Felipe Guréndez, m.46), Sergio Ortega, Boris, Cisma; Mario, Dimas, Nagore, Barkero (Pavón, m.82); Aranda y Goiria (Bellvis, m.64).

Betis home record 2008-2009.

Ricardo didn't help Betis improve their home record this season either. Betis has
--only 2 victories at home, the Ruiz de Lopera (against Mallorca Matchday 7 and Racing matchday 11)

-- 7 draws
-- 5 defeats
in other words 13 points.

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