19 March 2009

Video Tiago interview Jan 13, 2009 to Juventus Channel, ready to return after injury in December

Tiago interview in Italian to Juventus Channel on January 13, 2009. He was still injured from the game in December against Inter. He was about to return in January 2009.

Tiago: "A team that has returned to the Serie A. After a year and a half. We hope to finish this season very well, and that we can win something. Me, I haven't been my best yet but OI hpe to "

Reporter: Until the injury at San Siro, we saw diferent player how ar you and when can we see you playing again.

Tiago: "Maybe on Sunday I will join the team. In the last games I felt better in all aspects. That why I showed a better part of me."

Reporter: In the championship it's Inter - Juve.

01:06 Tiago: "Not just them. For now apparently so. Inter first and Juventus right behind them. However, there's also Milan. Probably Roma wil be able to fight for the title.

Reporter: Waiting for the Champions League, and Chelsea, a team you know very well.

Tiago: "Yes, it will be a good challenge. For me on the personal level I lived a year in Chelsea. It was a splendid year. I left a lot of friends there. It will be a pleasure to see them again."

Reporter: How do you see 2009?

Tiago: "As a good year, with many good things for both me and Juventus."
-- He speaks so well in Italian. Heard 'ganhare' once instead of vincere. Otherwise, speaks like a native.

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