18 March 2009

Video summary Academica 1-1 Sp. Braga- some goalkeeper Eduardo

Video summary Academica 1-1 Sp. Braga (Resumo- SCBraga 1-1 Academica) in Portuguese

First 40 seconds: 2 missed chances by Academica. The shots were to the side of Eduardo's net.

00:50 Academica's goal

01:25 Sp. Braga's goal to tie the game. Unfortunately, Portugal striker Orlando Sa had 2 goal opportunities- both blocked by the Academica goalkeeper. He was replaced in the second half.

Jorge Jesus post-game interview.

He says that the only thing missing was the 3 points. Because Sp. Braga plays their UEFA Cup game against PSG on Thursday he laments that the league game was on Sunday.

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