13 March 2009

Video Rui Patricio sent off in 71st minute in Sporting 2-5 Barcelona, Nov 26, 2008 with screenshots

Goalkeeper Rui Patricio was sent off in the 71st minute in Sporting 2-5 Barcelona, Nov 26, 2008. Was it nerves? Four minutes before, in the 67th minute, he had conceded an own goal by Sporting defender Caneira.

Video of minute 64 to 73 Sporting 2-5 Barcelona, Nov 26, 2008

Fast forward it to minute 6:30 to see the action and the 4 instant replays.

Rui Patricio bumps into Bojan when he was by humself about to score. Sporting defender Grimi is running behind Bojan, but Rui Patricio runs toward Bojan and when he stretches his arms, they 'hug' Bojan's waist. Of course, Bojan trips.

The ESPN narrator says on the video before he gets the red card:

"He's brought down. It has to be a penalty, doesnit it? Rui Patricio was involved and he has to go. After another mix-up at the back for Sporting. It's just calamity at the back."

The referee doesn't hesitate and shows him the red card. He can't believe it, stands there and won't walk off. He talks to the linesman takes about 15 seconds to walk off the field. Tiago was still stretching his arms.

Screenshots of the red-card incident:

See Rui Patricio's right arm still around Bojan's waist. Sporting defender Grimi behind Bojan. Of course it's a penalty!

Same form the front angle.

He won't walk off.

Says something to the referee from a distance.

Says something to the linesman from a distance too.

Finally walks off a minute later.

The back up goalkeeper Tiago ready for the change.

Tiago still stretching his arms, knowing it was going to be a penalty once he came on.

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