26 March 2009

Video Portugal training session March 26, 2009

Video Portugal training session march 26, 2009

00:00 - 00:10 Deco training by himself

00:20- 00:30 The Portugal players Nani, form a distance, some wear a red training vest.

01:02 Swedish journalist speaking in English. I thought it was hillarious that he said that all the team is dangerous except the front-man, Hugo Almeida. It's the truth. He hasn't scored not even in every 2 games under Carlos Queiroz.

01:09 Players with yellow vest and red vest. Can recognize Carvalho on the left and Moao Moutinho with his back to the camera. Daniel Fernandes in goal.

02:00 Fans watching the training saying who they like the most.

02:34 Players walking out of the hotel for an aerobic group walk. Can recognize Cristiano Ronaldo, behind him Joao Moutinho, Edinho, and another player reading the newspaper.

I hope that Edinho can be the revelation like Pepe in the Euro 2008. Hope he creates chances and converts at least 1!

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