19 March 2009

Video interview of Nelson, defender called up for the first time, 19-03-09

I didn't expect Nelson to be in the list. How brilliant has he been in the last Betis games? He plays on the right side. Did Queiroz call him as part of the "renovation" or because he was the only defender who plays regularly in the starting lineup of his club? I think the latter.

Edição da Tarde- 19/03/2009 Video- short interview to Nélson, first time called up to the Portugal team (Nélson chamado à Selecção)

English translation:
"It's an objective of mine. I will fight for it with all my will [garras] because I think I have the capacity to play in the Portugal national team. All the footballers, when there's an opportunity for us, we go get it. I'm not an exception to the rule. That's my objective, to be honest.

The objective is to play tine h antioant eam. I could end my career with a clear conscience that I did everything I could to get there. I'm convinced that one day my day will arrive."

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