10 March 2009

Video of goals Bayern Munich 7-1 Sporting, March 10, 2009, Miguel Veloso, João Moutinho, gk Rui Patricio in starting lineup

As a Sporting fan I'm not happy with Bayern Munich's lineup. They didn't put Luca Toni or Ribery! Who's Sporting playing with, Bayern B? This time Sporting has to win!!!

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The surprise is Miguel Veloso in the Sporting lineup. I'm listening to the game on Antena1 radio. Sporting has just conceded a goal in the first 10 minutes of the game ;-( Mistake by Brazilian defender Polga.

In the first 30 minutes, Bayern's goalkeeper hasn't made a single defense!!!

An own-goal by Anderson Polga, Sporting central defender. Now 0-3. Polga had scored the own-goal against Roma that eliminated Sporting from the group stage in 2007-2008. Moutinho scored a goal. Less than a minute later, nobody marked Bastian S. and he scored another goal. A few minutes before Muller scored Bayern's 7th goal, Rui PAtricio had made a defense.

In Bayern's 6th goal, by Bommel, POlga slipped and was on the ground when Bommel shot on target. What if Polga had been replaced in the second half.

This is so embarassing. What a day.

Bayern Munich 7-1 Sporting, March 10, 2009 85th minute
8' [1 - 0] L. Podolski
34' [2 - 0] L. Podolski
39' [3 - 0] Polga o.g
42' [3 - 1] J. Moutinho
43' [4 - 1] Schweinsteiger
74' [5 - 1] M.v. Bommel
82' [6 - 1] M. Klose (pen.)
Video of goals:
8' [1 - 0] L. Podolski, March 10, 2009,

34' [2 - 0] L. Podolski, March 10, 2009,

Rui Patricio looked bad in this goal. No communication between central defender Polga and him. Polga went to the ball but didn't see Rui Patricio sneak up behind him so it bounced off Rui Patricio's forehead.

L. Podolski caught the rebound and shot on target. No Sporting players in front of him. Since Rui Patricio was next to him, even the net was empty.

39' Bayern Munich [3 - 0] Sporting Polga OWN GOAL

It was a Bayern Munich corner kick, Polga jumps higher than everyone and shoots with his right foot to his own net. Rui Patricio stands there like a statue. Who can blame him?

42' [3 - 1] J. Moutinho, March 10, 2009

This was a nice goal! Moutinho shoots to the top left corner, impossible for Bayern Munich goalkeeper to reach.

43' B. Munich [4 - 1] Sporting, Schweinsteiger, March 10, 2009,

This was the goal that came less than a minute after Moutinho's goal. A cross from the right side to B Schweinsteiger. He was completely unmarked. 3 Sporting defenders were in front of him. It looks more like a mistake by Rui Patricio. What do you think?

74' [5 - 1] M.v. Bommel

Cross from the right side. Sporting defender Tonel couldn't prevent Bayern's space to make runs on the right side. Cross to Van Bommel. Polga tried to stop Van Bommel from shooting but slipped, too slow to get up, V Bommel shoots. Rui Patricio once again...

Allianz Arena, Munich,
Referee: Martin Hassson (Sweden)
B. MUNICH: Butt; Lell, Lúcio, Van Buyten e Lahm; Schweinsteiger, Ottl, Van Bommell e Zé Roberto; Podolski e Klose.

Substitutes: Rensing, Oddo, Demichelis, Sosa, Muller, Ylmaz e Breno.
Coach: Jurgen Klinsmann.

SPORTING: Rui Patrício; Pedro Silva, Tonel, Polga e Miguel Veloso; Pereirinha, Adrien, João Moutinho e Vukcevic; Derlei e Yannick Djaló.

Substitutes: Tiago, Carriço, Izmailov, Ronny, Caneira, Abel e Tiuí.
Coach: Paulo Bento.

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