21 March 2009

Miguel Veloso dropped from the call-up list Taça da Liga final March 21, 2009

Miguel Veloso was not in the call-up list for today's Taça da Liga final. He did travel with the team. He was the last one to get off the Sporting team bus at the stadium.

An hour before the game Miguel Veloso spoke in Portuguese to SIC Notícias: "We suffer more when we're left out of a game like this one. I always want to play, but unfortunately I can't. We come from a victory that gave the team morale and now we want to keep that. The team is concentrated for a victory."

(Sofremos mais quando ficamos fora de um jogo como este. Quero sempre jogar, mas infelizmente não posso. Viemos de uma vitória que moralizou a equipa e agora queremos manter esse registo. A equipa está concentrada na vitória.)

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