08 March 2009

Miguel Veloso back in the call-up list for Sporting! (Missed the last 4 Sporting games) Ready for Bayern Munich v. Sporting.

Miguel Veloso back in the call-up list for Sporting! Great. Oh-oh. He's back for the Champions League game where they lost 0-5 in the first leg at home. I'm very glad Bento thought Miguel Veloso is now mentally fit to be in the call-up list for a Sporting game.


Veloso had missed the last 4 Sporting games. The first 3 were because he had "muscle pains" but no injury, according to the Sporting medical bulletin. He was dropped from the call-up list of the last Sporting game because he had personal issues.

Bayern Munich v. Sporting, I'd like Sporting to score at least one goal.

The Sporting call-up list:
Tiago, Rui Patrício, Vítor Golas, Abel, Pedro Silva, Daniel Carriço, Anderson Polga, Caneira, Tonel, Ronny, Adrien, Miguel Veloso, Diogo Rosado, Pereirinha, João Moutinho, Izmailov, Vukcevic, Derlei, Yannick Djaló e Rodrigo Tiuí.

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