29 March 2009

Goodbye Africa, It seems impossible- cover of O Jogo, Record, March 29, 2009. A

"Goodbye Africa, It seems impossible." These headlines describe perfectly what I felt after Portugal 0-0 Sweden, March 28, 2009. Why can't they win at least a home game?

Why isn't there a striker to convert the chances, only until the second half. Queiroz only called up 1 striker! Hugo Almeida. He had dropped Edinho form the list for the Sweden game! I sympathize with Nuno Gomes fans.

As a fan of Paulo Ferreira, I couldn't believe Queiroz didn't include a back-up right-back for the Sweden game. After Bosingwa got injured in the game, only a back up left back and center back were on the bench, no back-up right-back!

Record points out that Portugal has the same points as Albania. It sounds unbelievable because Portugal has superstars in almost every area, defense, and midfielders.


O Jogo, March 29, 2009

0-0 Portugal - Sweden
Denmark - 4 games 10 points, Hungary - 5 games, 10 points, Sweden 4 games 6 points, Alabania - 6 games 6 points


4 penalties not given- According to Queiroz's calculations
Nobody gives up- (throws the towel)
The coach and the players still believe they'll qualify


Record, March 29, 2009

Portugal farther away form the 2010 world cup


--Portugal still can't beat Sweden at home

--Third game in a row without goals (in white)

--1 victory in 5 games and the same points as Albania

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