30 March 2009

Finally we know why Queiroz didn't call-up Nuno Gomes! Not in starting lineup at Benfica, says Queiroz 30-03-09!

Finally we know why Queiroz didn't call-up Nuno Gomes! According to the Jornal de Desporto, March 30, 2009, a day before the friendly Portugal 0-0 South Africa.

Fast Forward to 02:00

The reporter says that Queiroz stayed to chat with reporters in Lausanne after the press -conference. The reporters asked him why he didn't call-up Helder Postiga and Nuno Gomes! Queiroz answered -------cleverly I must say---- that he didn't want to single-out the 2 players but that they are not starting lineup players in their clubs (Sporitng and Benfica). Quique and Bento don't get criticized for that.

The reporter then continues:
"Queiroz therefore concluded that he wants to call-up players that are starting lineup players in their clubs. He wants the players to not give up and to keep fighting for a place in the starting lineup."

Monica 08- Well, has anyone told him that Maniche has been a substitutes for 3 games in a row including FC Porto- Atletico, and even dropped in one game? Clever excuse but not convincing. If Edinho- called up in Nuno Gomes place was better how come he wasn't even on the bench in Portugal 0-0 Sweden?

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