11 February 2009

Video Tiago, Eduardo, Nani, Maniche speaking after the Portugal 1-0 Finland game

Here are some Portugal players in the "mixed zone" after the Portugal 1-0 Finland game, on Feb. 11, 2009.

00:00 Gk Eduardo- yes we wil qualify.
00:05 Tiago: "We need to improve our finishing skills."

00:20 Nani: "We needed a little more luck. We did have bad results lately. WE need to correct them. We know we can give more and do better."

00:30 Maniche: "We're going to give our very best. The truth is that in Brazil we messed up. That is over. I think the team did pretty well."

00:49 Cristiano Ronaldo: "I liked the game. I think the team did well. We had the majority of the chances. The ball wouldn't go in. The team that deserved to win, won."

01:10 Duda [the left-back]: "The Professor is looking for players. There's an open door for everyone. I hope he can keep counting on me."

01:49 Orlando Sa [new player]: "I did my best for the team."

01:45 Eduardo [new player, goalkeeper] : "Rolando is a very good player. He's going to learn a lot. At Braga he hasn't had much opportunities. He'll give everyone something to talk about."

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