22 February 2009

Video Scolari talking about calling up Ricardo even though no longer 1st choice gk at Betis- April 2008

In this video from SIC noticias, one can sense how the media was 'against' putting Ricardo in goal. I assume they thought that by Ricardo no longer playing at Betis, finally Scolari would stop giving Ricardo priority. As we all saw in the Euro 2008, nothing can stop Scolari.

Scolari said this was before the start of the Euro 2008. What a difference with Queiroz. Ricardo had lost his "titularidade" [1st choice gk] at Betis yet Scolari still believed in him and made him play in goal.

Carlos Queiroz won't bother calling up Ricardo since August 2008. In January 2009 Ricardo won back his starting lineup position at Betis. Now Casto is on the bench.

Ricardo has had great performances in February 2009 except for yesterday's Real Madrid 6-1 Betis. Will Queiroz give in and call Ricardo for the next Portugal game, Portugal v. Sweden?

April 9, 2008- Scolari talks about Ricardo, SIC noticias

English translation of video:
News Anchor: The national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari talked about Ricardo. Goalkeeper Ricardo is no longer in goal at Betis lost his starting lineup position.

However, that doesn't stop Luiz Felipe Scolari from making him play in goal for the national team.

Scolari about Ricardo no longer 1st choice gk at Betis: "It's between Ricardo an his coach. I'm the coach of the national team. If I feel I have to call up Ricardo, I call him up, whether he's playing at his club or not, like I've done before. About him in goal at Betis it's between the Betis coach and Ricardo."

Journalist: "But if he's no longer in goal at Betis, won't it complicate things for his call-up?"

Scolari: "You already have the example, if I trust in a player, currently playing or not, I have 20 days of training. They are my 20 days, where I can put the player I consider necessary. The rest about Ricardo Betis between his coach and Ricardo."

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