17 February 2009

Video Rui Costa after final whistle, last game as player- Nov 2008

See the fans at the Da Luz give a standing ovation to Rui Costa at the end of his last game. He hugs every Benfica player.

Les adieux de Rui Costa
Uploaded by Shooting-star

Worldticketshop 00:00 Rui Costa taking off the captain's armband
00:06 Nuno Gomes walking toward Rui Costa and hugging him. Goalkeeper Quim, Katsouranis, Nuno Gomes again.
00:39 standing ovation of the fans at the Da Luz
01:00 Portugal goalkeeper, Braga's Eduardo applauding
01:19 Stadium speaker chanting 'Rui Coooosta,' and the fans repeating it.

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