12 February 2009

Photo Paolo Ferreira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, Real Betis goalkeeper Ricardo, in suit- returning from 2006 world cup

PhotobucketPhoto: July 9, 2006- When the Portugal team arrived in Lisboa after losing its 3rd place match in the 2006 Germany world cup.

Paolo Ferreira, Cristiano Ronaldo, Figo, goalkeeper Ricardo, in elegant black suit.

English translation of the article:
Photo Headline: Ricardo: "It's very nice and it moves me a little." Goalkeeper delighted by the reception. July 9, 2006- source: Record.pt

Goalkeeper Ricardo, who was one of the players who got emotional during the festivities this morning at the Estádio Nacional, told journalists what he felt after the generous demonstration of love and support of the Portuguese people.

“It's very nice and it moves me a little. After everything, the love and support they gave us was fantastic. We tried to get the support and reflect it on the field. We're proud of what we did. We tried to represent with dignity the country of Portugal. There were 28 teams left behind us."

Premier League TicketsAbout the people chanting his name and wanting to hear his voice, the goalkeeper was clear: “It's a very nice feeling to hear my name chanted by the people."

About the retirement of Figo and Pauleta: “They'll never stop being part of the Selecção.”
They all look great especially Paolo Ferreira.

The photo with the headline:Photobucket

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