17 February 2009

Carlos Queiroz admits he's observing Betis goalkeeper Ricardo's last games!

Since Queiroz became the Portugal coach, he's excluded goalkeeper Ricardo. After terrible results in the qualification stage, Queiroz is now feeling the pressure to bring in the experienced players.

Guess what? Goalkeeper Ricardo is being considered. According to an interview he gave to ABC de Sevilla on Feb 18, 2009.

Get the Portugal jersey Queiroz explained to "ABC de Sevilla" that two of his staff members are following first-hand Betis goalkeeper Ricardo. "Two of my staff members have seen the last games of Betis and according to their reports, I know that Ricardo like Nelson, are in great shape."

About Ricardo's great shape: "To return to the national team he needed to play and get match fit." Queiroz also mentioned that Ricardo was in the "pre-convocatoria" pre-call up list of the last friendly against Finland.

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