31 January 2009

Video Cristiano Ronaldo calling Mom, friends in Portugal 30 minutes after he was named FIFA best player of the year trophy in Zurich

The day Cristiano Ronaldo was in Zurich to receive the FIFA player of the year 2008, RTP went to the family/friend gathering in Madeira. Everyone is so happy! Seeing his mom so excited was touching.

Video- from RTP news (Portuguese) Cristiano Ronaldo calling his family in Portugal --30 minutes after he was named FIFA best player of they year in Zurich, Switzerland.

00:00 Cristiano Ronaldo calling his mom Dolores on the cell phone. English translation: "Lots of congratulations, (Parabens) my boy. We're happy for you. Have a good flight back. Here's your brother he wants to say hi. Lots of kisses (beijinhos)"

00:38 Brother: "Hey, I'm very proud of you! I'm very happy for you. You deserve it. Everything you have you deserve. I'm very happy for you. You're a good person. Hugs."

01:07 Sister: "Hey Cristiano, Congratulations (Parabens)! We're celebrating for you here! Have a good trip back, Lots of kisses (beijinhos) Bye."

Close Friends
01:23 Close friend: "Hey, congratua.tions! Who do you want to talk to next? Who? With Andrade? Andrade! Here he is."

01:49 Mom Dolores: "I'm the happiest mom in the world." Brother: "I'm also the happiest brother in the world. This is certainly one of the happiest days of my life."

Journalist: "He's only 23 years old. Young to be World's best player. Will he win again?" Mom Dolores: "One never knows. If he keeps working like he's working now, probably."

Family and friends with their champagne glasses in hand.

Journalist: "About the cricisms of Cristiano Ronaldo's weak performances with the Portugal national team. She does not avoid them." Mom Dolores: "Yes he is criticized when he plays with the national team. Cristiano Ronaldo is not the only one who plays in the national team. But everyone has to play like Cristiano Ronaldo so they can give the fans happiness. For the people who criticize him, let me tell them that he doesn't play by himself. He has 10 teammates"

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