13 January 2009

Video Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA player of the year 2008 ceremony- speaking in Portuguese

Video of the FIFA player of the year 2008 ceremony. In English dubbed in Portuguese.

00:00 Host: "Who will follow Kaka'? Will he win again? Let's have another look at the nominees."

00:30 Kaka' video clip
00:40 Leo Messi video clip
00:55 Cristiano Ronaldo video clip
01:10 Fernando Torres video clip
01:24 Xavi video clip

01:34 The 5 nominees in black suits, applauding. Hostess: "And now the moment we've all been waiting for. Ladies and gentlemen can you imagine the emotion. Each one a champions in his own right. So, who is the best football player in the world?"

02:23 Host: "We'll have to wait a little more. Please welcome to the stage from Brazil, Pele." Pele walking on stage.

Pele: "Thank you very much to all the family in football and FIFA. Pleasure to be here. It's amazing. I think I'm more emotional than those guys." Pele opening an envelope: "Let's see. I don't believe it. I have to tell a little story before. This is serious. It's an honor to be here. They are all excellent players. Last time I was here I gave the prize to Kaka'. Then I started to shake the hands of the players. Then, I started a conversation with Cristiano Ronaldo in Portuguese and told him 'The next time I'm going to give it to you.' Cristiano Ronaldo."

03:55 Cristiano Ronaldo holding the trophy.

03:34 Cristiano Ronaldo getting up from his seat, walking up the steps to join Pele on stage. Video clip of CR in games with the Portugal jersey and the ManUnited jersey.

04:50 Cristiano Ronaldo looks at the host, and asks if he was going to ask him a question. Host answers "it's your audience." CR speaking in Portuguese: "This is a special moment in my life. I have to give a message to my mom and brothers and sister, you can now turn on the fireworks. It's really a unique moment in my life. First I want to thank my mom, my dad, my brothers and all my family. Also my friends, they know who they are, my agent Jorge Mendes. Also, my teammates because without them I couldn't have won the thing that's in front of me. I'm very very happy. It's one of the happies moements in my life. I hope to come back again."

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