20 December 2008

Video Jose Mourinho Pre-game press conference Siena 0-2 Inter- Dec 19, 2008

Dec 19, 2008- Video Jose Mourinho speaking in Italian, pre-game press conference Siena 0-2 Inter

Finally positive remarks. None of the "polemiche" with other coaches like Ranieri. We're seeing Quaresma lose his precious starting 11 position.

According to Mourinho's press conference, the most important player by far right now is Cambiasso. Regarding Figo, he said that he's not in top match-form yet. No explanation on Quaresma. I can't wait for Inter v. ManUnited. Mourinho v. Cristiano Ronaldo.

00:00 Jose Mourinho saying that he misses having soccer games during this Christmas season. Italy takes a Christmas break. He was very clear to say that he respects the Italian culture and tradition and that he is nobody to change it.

02:22 He gave 9 of the 11 names of the starting lineup for today's game Siena v. Inter. The big surprise was Jimenez. He didn't name Quaresma.

03:36 IN ENGLISH Question about facing Manchester United again in the Champions League.

Mourinho answers in English. He admits he wanted to face Man United because they're th best team. Current champions and possibly World champions if they win the final in Japan.

06:10 Sky Sports news reporter asks in English "Because you such a good record against Ferguson, you think Inter are favorites?"

Mourinho: No I dont have a good record...

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