04 October 2008

Video Nuno Gomes 'os incriveis' with English translation, with screenshots, His wife, car, trophy room, Maldini Milan jersey May 23, 2008

WorldticketshopMy favorite part is in minute 7, seeing all the club jerseys he's collected from other teams. There was one from Barcelona, AC Milan, and Paris Saint-Germain. He kept the Portugal jersey he wore in the Euro 2004 final Portugal v. Greece! Also how he keeps the official Benfica black suit covered so it's dust-free and ready to wear.

May 23, 2008- Video Nuno Gomes 'Os Incriveis' "O Capitão da selecção nacional mostra-nos a sua casa!"

Screenshots of the video. You see his home life and in the first few minutes Nuno Gomes and his wife Patricia Aguilar. Nuno Gomes speaks in Portuguese. English translation:

00:18 Host- Daniel Oliveira- "The captain of the national team likes to play with number 21, Nuno Ribeiro, known as Nuno Gomes."

00:43- "Hi, welcome to my home" Nuno Gomes (NG) opens the door to his home.
01:32- Nuno Gomes, wearing a white Adidas shirt, and his wife sitting together. Nuno Gomes showing a photo album with his wife's photos.

01:40- NG walking to his office, "Here's my desk." Then he sits at his desk in front of his laptop, says "I'm more flattered when they talk about me as a person than as a soccer player. I think of my parents. I'm always proud of them. When father's day comes my daughter does paper things, like this card."

About his daughter:

02:30- Host Daniel Oliveira "What characteristics does she have that are yours?"

02:34- NG shows a card she made for him. NG, "She's shy like me. In the beginning, when she just meets someone, she's shy. Then when she gets comfortable she acts the ways she really is. I'm like that too." He shows a card she wrote for him on father's day "Dear dad, I like you a lot, you play with me, and you make me smile. On father's day, I dreamed about you, I saw that you were my dear friend. It's father's day, I'll celebrate with him the whole day and all night."

02:50- NG about his daughter, "I think she's modest. With other children, she's very patient and has a good heart."

His wife:

03:10- Host Daniel Oliveira asks NG's wife, Patricia Aguilar, "Is he romantic?"
She says "Yes." and NG jokes "I'll put a gun to your head." Aguilar says, "He gives me a lot of surprises,

His cars:

03:44- NG shows a silver colored Ferrari, continues the interview while he's driving. "I think I was born to be a soccer player so I don't envy anyone. I'm happy with what I have."

His trophies, awards:

Before walking in to show the trophies, he touches the water in the swimming pool outside.

05:51- See footage of his trophy room. His trophies and medals are in a glass case. One wall has a big wallpaper of Nuno Gomes in a Benfica jersey celebrating.

Nuno Gomes "Trophies I received in my career. Here are my trophies I received in my first year at Benfica. A coppa Italia medal" There's a 'best goalscorer in Benfica, 1997 (Melhor marcardor do SL Benfica)' award.

Nuno Gomes holds a medal for 'Junior, national champions 1994-95, with Boavista'

06:40- Host Oliveira, "More than 10 years worth of trophies."NG "I've been playing for 14 years at the highest professional level. I'm proud of my career."

About his jersey collection:

07:00- Host Oliveira, "I see you have exchanged many club jerseys at the end of a game." 07:15- NG, "Yes, I have a lot of jerseys but not as much as I would want. This jersey is from Deco [Yellow Barcelona away jersey]. A player I like a lot. This one is from the mythical player of AC Milan, Maldini [red black Milan jersey].

This one from my former teammate in Benfica Poborsky. I then saw him again in Italy. This one is Figo's Real Madrid jersey even if there's no name. Inzaghi's #9 AC Milan jersey. I try to get jerseys of players who wear the same number as me [21]. Our colleague, Pauleta."

08:00 Host Oliveira, "How do you do it, ask before the game, after the game?
Nuno Gomes, "Two or three days before the game we fix it."
NG shows more jerseys, "This is France's Patrick Vieira jersey, Semi-final Portugal v. France. I scored a goal there in Euro 2000, but we lost." He shows more jerseys, Couto, his own Fiorentina jersey with the number 21.

09:00 "This is the jersey I wore in the 2006 world cup semi-final against France, where we lost. This has sentimental value for me. The final was a day before my birthday. This is the jersey I wore in the Euro2004 final against Greece. Here's one I wore in the juniors, N. Ribeiro"

09:50 "I'm lucky because she's [wife] a Benfica fan." Wife, "He's a forward like no other."

About criticisms when he doesn't score:

11:00 NG in the yard, playing with the dog, "I've been used as a second forward, more defensive, helping the midfielders. So like that, I'm farther away from the goal therefore I have less opportunities to score goals. Then you see in the newspapers, '2 or 3 months he doesn't score' 'he won't help the team.' Then they want goals. There are always those things about my performance not just around me but also my wife and brother."

WorldticketshopBrother Tiago Ribeiro

13:00- NG sitting on the couch playing a video-game Italy v. Portugal with his brother Tiago Ribeiro. Behind them, look closely to see on the back wall, a wallpaper of Nuno Gomes celebrating with the Benfica jersey.

13:30 Tiago Ribeiro: "At the beginning, I think they're friends of Nuno Gomes. It's easier for me to see from the outside than him."

13:50 Sunset on his house, Nuno Gomes now wearing a pink shirt. He's in front of the mirrow, fixing his hair. "I just use my hands. Don't need to use so many things. My hair just stays like this."

Host Oliveira: "How come you haven't cut your hair?"

NG "I haven't cut my hair because... it takes courage."

Clothes, how long it takes to get ready in the morning.

14:54- Host Oliveira- "Now we're going to see your closet." You see many belts and metal belt-buckles some say Dolce & Gabbana. "How long do you take in the morning to get dressed and ready?"

15:06 NG "I get ready really fast! I only take 15 minutes! I need time to drive to Seixal [Benfica training ground] and can't be late. Since I prepare my clothes the night before, I take at the most 20 minutes to get ready."

15:21- NG modeling some of his Adidas clothes, a pink Adidas shirt, a black Adidas sweatshirt.

15:25 NG "I try not to repeat the same clothes in public events because there's bound to be someone to criticize. Therefore, I prevent that."

16:32 NG says he has pink shirts and shows you some of the belts. He unzips a black cover and shows you the black suit with the Benfica logo. He wears that in official Benfica events. Then he unzips another black cover with the black suit that has the logo of the Seleccao!

With wife Patricia Aguilar

17:40 They're looking at a photo album of Nuno Gomes and Patricia Aguilar's wedding.
Host Oliveira- "Do you remember when you first saw him?"
Patricia- "Yes, I remember perfectly."

----What did you like about the Nuno Gomes 'os incriveis' interview?

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