17 October 2008

'Can't depend on one or two players' Cristiano Ronaldo Video interview in Portuguese with English translation-Oct. 14 2008 before Portugal 0-0 Albania

October 14, 2008- Cristiano Ronaldo- Video interview in Portuguese with English translation. This was the pre-game press conference the day before the 2010 world cup qualifier Portugal 0-0 Albania. Includes Portugal training, stretching footage.

Entrevista com cristiano ronaldo em video em portugues na antevisão do jogo frente à Albânia).

The team can't depend only on one or two players. That is why each one of us gives his best when we play. They have 3 games and 4 points like us. We are one of the best teams in Europe and the world. They [Albania] have 4 points like us that's why it's a team we have to respect but with the ambition of wanting to win.

Like I just said, we are favorites but we need to demonstrate it on the soccer field. I'm certain that the team will give a good response. We have to play and score. We have to show we're favorites and that we're the better team. We're going to try to do that. We're going to try to score a goal first to calm the team down. We know that Albania will play on the attack, it's to be expected.

We need to be patient. Everyone of us needs to be patient, especially the players. The fans too. We need to realize that it will be a game with good football from our part.

01:46 Carlos Queiroz speaks in the press conference.

What do you think of Cristiano Ronaldo's statements? Do you think Portugal is one of the best teams in Europe like he said?

One of the best teams- I think it is but it's time to start winning European trophies to back up that claim.

Patience- I'm running out of patience.

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