10 October 2008

Betis coach Chaparro pressured to get 7 points, or else he'll be replaced. Will the new coach make goalkeeper Ricardo play in goal?

Ricardo's team Real Betis is in terrible shape in Spain's La Liga. On Matchday 6, it is in 20th place, with 2 points! Ricardo has not played in any of the games.

Betis not scoring goals in the last 3 games

Betis conceded 4 goals in the first 2 games of the season: Villarreal 2-1 Betis, and Betis 1-2 R. Madrid. Barcelona scored 3 goals against Betis: Barcelona-Betis 3-2.

Betis started improving on Matchday 4 and 5 by NOT conceding a goal, but also NOT SCORING either: Betis-Sevilla 0-0, Getafe-Betis 0-0. On Matchday 6, it conceded one goal and could not manage to score: Betis-Recreativo 0-1. In other words, Betis has not scored in the last 3 games.

In the last game Getafe 0-0 Betis, goalkeeper Casto made great saves, according to MARCA.

Good news for Ricardo fans. Chaparro might leave because of the embarrassing team results.

The Betis club has given Chaparro an ultimatum. Improve results in the next 3 games or leave. A member of communications office publicly said, "anything less than 7 points of the possible 9 will be considered a failure."

Chaparro has put Casto in goal for the first 6 games of Real Betis. He wears # 13, a yellow goalkeeper Betis jersey. Ricardo was on the bench. If a new coach signs for Betis, I think he has to give Ricardo a chance to play in goal at least once.

Next Betis game: 7ª jornada, (Matchday 7) Home game. Sunday, October 19, 17:00

Real Betis v. Real Club Deportivo Mallorca
at the Estadio Manuel Ruiz de Lopera.

Sept. 14, 2008- Casto in Getafe 0-0 Betis. Photo: Diego G. Souto / MARCA

Your thoughts? Do you also think the next Betis coach, if Chaparro is sacked, has to give Ricardo a chance?

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