26 August 2008

Will Chelsea beat Tottenham? Next Chelsea game- Carvalho, Ferreira, Deco, Bosingwa

Chelsea's third game of the Premier League season. So far 2 wins and NO goals conceded. Deco scored in his first 2 games. Wigan 1-0 Chelsea scored the winning goal from a marvelous free kick.

Next game is at home against Tottenham. I'm curious to see Mexican Giovanni Dos Santos play. Will he score? Will he give Carvalho a hard time. Will Dos Santos outrun Jose Bosingwa or Ferreira?

It wouldn't be a surprise if Tottenham loses this game. It would be their 3rd consecutive defeat. It's amazing how they beat AS Roma at White Hart lane this pre-season, then in a game that matters, (their first home game in this 2008-2009 season) they lose 2-1 against Sunderland.

Chelsea in the table, still in 1st place:

- Your thoughts on this game? Your predictions for this game? Lineup, final score, key players?

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