04 March 2009

Video Miguel Veloso, Bruno Alves, goalkeeper Ricardo, and Scolari giving the first hug to Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani after winning theChampions League

I like this video because one sees the players completely relaxed. Nani calling goalkeeper Ricardo, Ricardinho. This is when Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo joined the Portugal Euro 2008 training camp at Viseu, 2 days after winning the Champions League in Moscow.

"The first hugs"
Shows some Portugal teammates giving the first hug to Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo as Champions League winners.

May 24, 2008-

Nani and Cristiano Ronaldo looking out their hotel window for the Portugal team bus to arrive. They're dressed casually. It's sunny outside but the room is a bit dark. Nani is wearing a light brown jacket with a matching baseball cap.

Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a black jacket, a white shirt with the Manchester United logo with a red baseball cap.

00:37 A hotel staff lady approaches Cristiano Ronaldo and autographs a piece of paper.

00:40 Out of the elevator, Miguel Veloso, wearing the dark blue training kit, goes to congratulate the 2 winners. Veloso hugs Cristiano Ronaldo. Veloso then hugs Nani.

01:09 Goalkeeper Ricardo hugs Cristiano Ronaldo. CR7 say says "muito obrigado."

01:12 Scolari congratulates Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani. Then Scolari's staff, Fernando Brassard and Flavio Murtosa join him.

01:33 Nani then calls Goalkeeper Ricardo "Ricardinho" and grabs his hand

01:38 Cristiano Ronaldo with Bruno Alves.

Screenshots of the video:

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