15 February 2009

Video goalkeeper Ricardo, press conference June 6, 2006

June 6, 2006- world cup press conference.

Goalkeeper Ricardo talking about the central defense duo Ricardo Carvalho and Fernando Meira.

00:19 Goalkeeper Ricardo: "Despite not playing often together, they're part of the group. They showed during the qualification matches that they can play as a duo. What I prefer is to play myself with anyone in front of me. [laughs]"

Right-back Miguel

01:09 Goalkeeper Ricardo: "Everything is going very well for the Portugal team. The fact that Portugal qualified, that was our main objective. Not having conceded a goal yet, even better."

01:48 Goalkeeper Ricardo about which team he'd prefer to face: "What I wish the most is to win this Sunday's game against Mexico."
About referees against Portugal: "I heard about that. However, I don't want to use that as an excuse for negative results we might get."

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