16 February 2009

Video Rui Costa behind-the-scenes filming commercial, March 30, 2008, with screenshots

March 30, 2008- Video Rui Costa, 'So' visto' show, behind-the-scenes filming of the commercial to support the Portugal national team during the Euro 2008.

I only included the English translation of the parts with Rui Costa. Chalana speaks often.

00:28 Rui Costa wearing a black suit. He's arriving at the studio to film the commercial. He then changes into the Portugal uniform. He's wearing the Portugal jersey #10 he used in the Euro 2004.

01:18 Journalist: "So in this commercial, there's Cristiano Ronaldo, Futre, and Chalana."
Rui Costa: "It's a great honor to be part of this commercial with them. They are great players."

01:45 Journalist: "So, what do you feel when you wear these colors?" [Portugal uniform]
Rui Costa: "Lots of happiness. Reminds me when I'm in the soccer field."

01:58 Journalist: "How do you see the game style of the Portugal team?"
Rui Costa: "Oh, I see it and miss it a lot. I feel patriotic. I proudly represented my country for 12 years. I would like to think that I'm still able to say that I represent my country --not in the field but off the field in the bench."

Screenshots of the video:

Rui Costa arriving in the studio to film. See him carry his Euro 2004 jersey on his right hand.

Rui Costa dressed with his Euro 2004 for the commercial.

As he appears in the tv commercial.

Close-up of his Portugal jersey #10, edition of the Euro 2004.

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